Connect your uHoo with AirTeq

AirTeq uHoo (9 sensors)

uHoo measures 9 different parameters.

Data from uHoo can be read from the app. However the uHoo can also be connected with Aircheqonline.

Connecting your uHoo with AirTeq costs €120 a year for 1 device. Every additional added device will be an extra one time fee of €30.

Connecting your uHoo with AirTeq can be done in a few simple steps:

1. Visit the uHoo Demo page.


Functions avaible:

-Graphs & tables with data

-Threshold values

-Download report

-Actual, weekly, monthly view



2. Open the uHoo App and make sure your device is online.

The device should be connected to a Wifi network and show actual data.

Click on the top right 3 stripes symbol. 



3. Click on integrate and then press AirTeq


4. Click on Add device.

Select the devices you want to connect.

Click on submit request.


You will receive an Invoice from AirTeq.

After the invoice is paid your account will be activated with the sensors.