AirTeq Online Monitoring Solutions

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Energy Efficiency Solutions
Optimize Energy Efficiency in a Smart Way

Pulse Counter
3-Phase Meter
IoT Controler
GBS Systeem
Sub Monitoring Energy
  • Make informed decisions based on electricity, water and gas usage monitoring
  • Help establish energy efficient buildings using smart data

Indoor Air Quality Solutions
Understand and Manage Your Indoor Environment

LoRaWan Gateway
9-in-1 IAQ Sensor
AirTeq Touch
AirCheq Pro + sensor
3-in-1 IAQ Sensor
  • Monitor, optimize and improve air quality measured by dedicated sensors
  • Ensure health and safety of occupants using smart data

Smart Office Solutions
Ensure Workplace Efficiency

LoRaWan Gateway
IAQ Sensor
Water Temperature
PIR & Light Sensor / Sound
Workplace Occupancy Sensor
  • Improve occupant comfort and health through smart sensing nodes
  • Realize centralized control of buildings using smart data

Occupancy and People Counting Solutions
Maximize Space Utilization

Smart Restroom
GBS systeem
Workplace Occupancy Sensor
People Counting Sensor
  • Get real time statistics through occupance and people counting sensors
  • Improve space and workplace management using smart data