We provide insight

Online insight


We make your indoor climate understandable and clear.
With our platform you will have 24/7 realime insight using the web dashboard and/or app.

The dashboard offers insight in all parameters of the indoor climate such as: Carbon dioxde, Temperature and Relative humidity
Affordable and reliable. Together we can create an healthy environment. Both at home and at the office.


Usage of working places during the covid-19 rules.

Our sensors give insight in workplace occupation and the air quality. Not by a sensor attached to the wall or ceiling but directly at your workplace.

This will minimalize the risk of spreading virusses.


  • Measure co2, Temperature, Relative Humidity and sounds
  • Upgradeable (new sensors can be added at any moment)
  • Dutch Hosting
  • Plug & Play
  • Connected to your own network
  • API Data
  • Installation without problems
  • 100% Customer

Our smart sensors not only give you insight in the indoor climate but also gives you tips on how to improve it.

Online insight

The different sensors send the measured data to your personal account for the online platform.

  • 24/7 insight
  • Userfriendly
  • Automatically generated reports
  • Overview of data per day/week/month/year
  • 60 months data storage
  • Analysis based on GGD/Arbo
  • Data hosted in The Netherlands
  • Share data with whoever you want
  • Reliable and robust >80000 online sensors
  • Export data to Excel


How does it work:

Sensors in the room send the data through wifi to the Monitoring dashboard.
During the day the sensors collect a lot of data and turn this into an extensive analysis.

This way you can directly see at what time of the day the air quality is good or has room for improvement.


What can be connected:

  • Indoor Climate Sensors from Netatmo
  • Smart Energymeter
  • Smart gasmeter



  • Automatically generated reports (day/week/month)
  • Specific functions for analysis
  • Usefull app for phone and tablet


Netatmo & AirTeq

You can connect your Healthy Home Coach from Netatmo with the software from AirTeq in a few easy steps.


The app from Netatmo gives you insight in the current indoor climate quality and gives tips on how to improve it.

Our software gives you extensive analyses of the last day/week/month. In addition with the business version you can generate reports of the analyses.

Combining the analyses from AirTeq with the tips from Netatmo you will quickly see an improvement in the air quality.


All your Netatmo sensors are placed in one overview with our software. Whether you have 1, 5 or 20.

Which results in an instant overview of your entire home/office, directly see where action is needed.


Why AirTeq:

  • We develop our own software and are open to proposals for improvement.
  • Customerfriendly Support
  • We can connect every sensor
  • Support by phone
  • Partner of GGD and the government
  • Software and sensors are used by many different colleges and universities
  • Independant professionals, with the help of our software we can help you setup plans for improvement
  • Reliable: 2021> 80000 sensors online > 99% server uptime


By connecting the smart energymeter in combination with the thermostat our customers save a lot off Co2! This way we contribute to a more sustainable world.


  • Carbon dioxide (Co2)
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Sound


AirTeq can connect any sensor to the platform